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Weekly Commentary on Fashion News from Around the World

Last week, I announced that Marc Jacobs’ store in Soho was tagged by none other than graffiti artist Kidult.  To fight back, this week, Marc Jacobs has created a t-shirt, with the image of the tagged store, printed on the front.  See how much these t-shirts cost.  They are in-stock but you have to have […]

Weekly Commentary on Fashion News from Around the World

Who says a gown has to cost thousands of dollars?  Ginnifer Goodwin proved otherwise in her $299 H&M gown for the WHCD. But while Ginnifer might have been frugal and chose a dress that looked a little like a fancy use for old sweatpants, other celebs just missed the mark entirely on appropriate WHCD-wear.  Honestly, […]

Weekly Commentary on Fashion News from Around the World

The Gold-plate Range Rover, Cinderella’s Modern Day Glass Slipper, Pregnant Models Everywhere and Breaking Up with a Fashion Label Victoria Beckham and Range Rover now have a love child: Evoque.  This VERY LIMITED edition (200 only) SUV is rose gold-plated and will be offered to Beijing customers first.  So, if you have $128,000 (not including […]

Following the Red Sole Suit

If you have been reading my weekly postings on Washinton Life Magazine‘s Trend Report: Global Fashion Roundup, you will have undoubtedly seen updates on the now infamous Christian Louboutin lawsuit, slapped by Yves Saint Laurent.  In case you have missed it, it can be summarized in three words: Iconic Red Sole. According to Yves Saint […]


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