Weekly Commentary on Fashion News from Around the World

In news last week, Alaskan Airlines‘ flight attendants claim their new uniforms make them ill. Hmmm… I wish I had thought of that excuse in my 12 years of Catholic school.

What could one day become an intriguing uniform for mankind?  Solar-powered clothing.  Imagine putting your cell in your pocket and it charging.  These are the types of designs Nicola Formichetti wants to include in his new collection.

Just because someone is named “World’s Most Beautiful Person”, doesn’t mean that everything they wear is right.  See which newly-crowned “World’s Most Beautiful Woman” had (in my opinion) a major fashion “no” at the Met Gala.  She wasn’t the only one – flip through the slideshow and see others that missed the mark.  Hint: GALA = GOWN, not a short dress, meant for a cocktail hour.  Oh, and Tom Brady, just because your wife is a supermodel, doesn’t mean she’s right on everything fashion – including your hair styles.

Still, the man that stole the red carpet that night was none other than Marc Jacobs.  His pilgrim-Daphne Guiness-undwear ad-esque outfit was talked about by many.  Marc, may I suggest a new type of underwear to go with that dress? But seriously, am I the only one who thinks he should have just gone in his underwear?

And while some outfits are “out there”, there are others that are “out of this world”.  See who Jennifer Lopez tapped to design her tour wardrobe.  If you have been watching American Idol lately, that spacey-glittery look she’s been wearing isn’t going away any time soon.

… and to add to the sparkle, maybe Miss Lopez should pick up one of Kanye West‘s Jacob & Co. name necklaces that spell out “Yeezy”.

… or why not try Katy Perry‘s 3-D manicure.

When one thinks of museum gift shops, one thinks of tacky souvenirs – but not the Met.  See what souvenirs they’re currently selling.  Trust me, you will want to get your hands on some of it while you can.

Not exactly what you’re looking for?  Maybe this will grab your attention: Prada is re-creating limited editions of their most popular bags from 1991-2005 (click the link to view the entire collection).  The challenge: They will only be sold at their three boutiques in New York.  Road trip!

Once you’re done shopping, head over to Château de Versailles for the Chanel Cruise wear show.

… and speaking of Chanel, check out who their new Chanel No. 5 spokesperson is.

A little known fact: Movies and TV shows are two of the biggest ways for designers to make some bucks, while marketing their  collection.  As of late, it’s been slim pickings, due to specific periodic costume needs.  SO, I propose we bring back the 1800′s, the 60′s and 70′s – all at the same time.  That should about cover it… and make for interesting themed parties (can you imagine a Mad Men theme, 1800′s style?).

One new collection I’m thrilled about: Marchesa‘s contemporary line.  They will bring many of their embroidery designs and prints to the newer line – at an affordable price.

What I’m not excited about: Piperlime opening a brick-and-mortar store.  We already have the Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic.  The last thing I want to do is walk in one more mass-produced store, only to be overwhelmed by messy piles of clothes, in which none of it is in my size.

In odd news, Panasonic has come out with a robot that washes your hair.  I think I hear George Jetson, saying “that was so 20 years ago.”  Still, if this robot can just give a good scalp massage, I’ll take four.

On a sad note, Vidal Sassoon – the orphan-turned-salon mogul – died at 84See a history of his haircuts, through the years.

… and to leave you on a happy note: See Tom Ford‘s latest interview.

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