Weekly Commentary on Fashion News from Around the World

Who says a gown has to cost thousands of dollars?  Ginnifer Goodwin proved otherwise in her $299 H&M gown for the WHCD.

Courtesy of People.com

But while Ginnifer might have been frugal and chose a dress that looked a little like a fancy use for old sweatpants, other celebs just missed the mark entirely on appropriate WHCD-wear.  Honestly, just because you hear “DC is the Hollywood for ugly people” doesn’t mean you should strive for that – someone needs to get this memo to some of these celebs’ stylists.

For all of those sporting the “rocker” look and wishing your four-legged companion could match, it looks like this will be a reality .  See which famous rock star is now designing for dogs.  Long-live the ‘do rag.

Each week, there seems to be a stellar property going on the market, owned by someone stylish.  This week,  Robert Duffy‘s Savannah mansion is on the market because get this… he needs more room for entertaining.  So… if you want small, 400-person-ish parties, this might be the mansion for you.

But while some are selling for bigger spaces, others are consolidating.  Sadly, this past week, Bestsey Johnson has announced that the company has filed for Chapter 11.  Although Steve Madden bought into the brand last year, the two have not agreed on a vision and thus, stores will be closing all over the world.  In true Betsey fashion, those laid off were thrown a goodbye party.

On the other side of the world, Shanghai is booming and to prove it, Harry Winston has opened up its only free-standing pavilion in the world.  See the slideshow here.  What’s more impressive, all the men in suits, on bikes.

… and while on the way to Shanghai, make sure to get to New York’s Kennedy airport early, as you don’t want to miss Virgin Airline‘s new Upper Class lounge Spa that has just opened.

While you’re jet-setting, head over to London to visit Christian Louboutin‘s Retrospective at the London Design Museum.

In the last year, children’s designer dud sales have skyrocketed and the New York Times has responded to this, saying it’s a waste of money.  I say why not?  I mean aren’t designer heels and purses appropriate for 3 year-olds?

Still, it seems there could be good reason for kids to hop on the fashion train early.  A new UK study has confirmed that women do not hit their fashion stride until they are 35.  Maybe Katie Holmes is onto something.  I mean, maybe next year I’ll learn to ditch my sweats for a pencil skirt (insert sarcasm).

But while some drop a ton of money on fashionable ensembles for their little one, there are people out there that drop $75,000 on a kimono that belonged to a passenger on the Titanic.  Honestly, the more I think about wearable items that are recovered from devastating events, the less appealing they are – it just seems like bad luck.

From dancing to a Cat Daddy song in a bikini, to throwing a football in Louboutins, Kate Upton seems to keep gaining attention.

… and speaking of not paying attention to what is actually going on, Tom Ford‘s new menswear catalog is out.  I bet dollars to donuts that some of his more heterosexual clientele won’t remember a single article of clothing in them.  Although, he might gain more clientele because of it.

Bored with your skin care products?  Korean skin care product companies are touting that snail slime is the new beauty treatment.  So if mud, 14K gold, diamonds and sea salts aren’t glamorous enough, go out to your garden (in your finest Pradas) and catch yourself a snail.

Who needs more than a beauty treatment?  The woman who “put her daughter in a tanning bed”.  I’ve been zooming in and out of this picture and the lady also needs to lay off the bronzer.

To end this week’s post, it should be known that Isaac Mizrahi likes granny panties.

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