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A Date a Weekend: Cherry Blossom Festival

I am from the Washington, D.C. area and not once have I ever gone with the masses to see the cherry blossoms.  Usually, it’s raining, windy and cold days before the festival, blowing the petals right off the trees, giving celebrants a memory of “what was” while they partake in the festivities.  Other years, they haven’t blossomed […]

A Date a Weekend: Newseum

For anyone that has not been to the Newseum, it’s fascinating.  This massive structure houses everything from news, since the birth of the U.S., to present day happenings.  It houses news artifacts that have changed the course of history, it houses fun, interactive exhibits, such as “Be a TV Reporter”; as well as conferences on […]

Justin Timberlake Performed Right Over Us!

I’ve been to my fair share of concerts in my life – I’ve been all the way upfront, gotten a hug from Mark McGrath, sat in suites and even met a few musicians here and there.  Out of all the concerts and all the fun, I’ve NEVER been to a concert that engaged the audience […]

What Do You Do On a Barf-Worthy Day? Make It Cheesy

I’ve never liked Valentine’s Day – it’s one of those horrid holidays that reminds you it’s coming before Christmas is over, yet completely overshadows the much-needed reminders of St. Patrick’s Day.  I spent four years in high school, heartbroken that I never received a “mystery rose” that the school faculty handed out, as a result […]

A Date a Weekend: Mansion on O Street

This past weekend, our date took us into a time warp of eclectic decor, nostalgia and hidden surprises.  Although I had been to the Mansion on O St. once before, my mom and Antonio never had.  We explored every room we could, having fun getting lost throughout the 100 rooms and 32 hidden doors (we […]

A Date a Weekend: Museums for Big Kids

Since my other half and I are moving to San Diego in less than four months, we decided to plan a date a weekend to see and do everything we can in D.C.  This weekend was Museum of Crime and Punishment, lunch at Bistro d’ OC and Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum.  Check out some of […]

How I Almost Ruined His Proposal

How Nichole Almost Ruined an Amazing Proposal Since Nichole and Antonio are moving to San Diego in May, they decided to plan dates to accomplish everything they wanted to see before they left (this is due to Nichole’s superb, if not overly-OCD, planning skills).  Antonio had asked if he could plan a couple of dates […]

A Date a Weekend: Mount Vernon at Christmastime

Winter solstice should be freezing temps – it was 70 degrees and sunny.  It was the perfect day to take a drive out to Mount Vernon to see what it’s like during the Christmas season.  As we found out, it’s actually the best time of year to go!  We saw George Washington’s “Christmas Camel”, the […]

A Date a Weekend: An Abandoned Amusement Park: Glen Echo

Glen Echo is one of my favorite places to visit – it’s like stepping into a frozen time warp.  On a rare beautiful morning in December, we took a stroll through the grounds, inspired by what we saw.  For the history on Glen Echo, visit their website.


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